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SCRIPTURE THEME IDEAS - Shawna Asay (6th Ward) Is planning to dedicate one activity to each of the four standard works this year. Each could focus on major stories from that scripture or be built around just one character and his/her experiences. She plans to have the YW/YM host a carnival for the children and tie the games into stories from the New Testament. In June she plans to have a picnic/water party but tie it into the Doctrine and Covenants/Church History. See her Book of Mormon idea in the game section.
Book of Mormon: It would be meaningful to build an activity around Nephi and his famous scripture: "I will go and do....." One station could include a relay or other activity about attempts to get the plates. Another could focus on the Tree of Life. Another on Building the ship and another on the keeping of the Golden Plates.
New Testament: You could focus on the Life and ministry of Christ, his miracles and his teachings. You could have a fish pond activity to reinforce the "Fishers of Men" concept and other fish miracles and lessons. (The coin in the fishes mouth, the full nets, the loaves and the fishes and the calling of the disciples from their occupation as fishermen)
Old Testament: With so many great, dramatic stories, this standard work would lend itself well to role playing and story telling rotation, covering several stories, perhaps with a theme of Follow the Prophets. (See also "Journey Back to the Old Testament" included)
D&C: A July Scripture activity could focus on the life of Joseph Smith, or the pioneers. One ward (unknown) did a Golden Plates activity. They had a film or filmstrip on the first vision, took a group of children on a walk while talking about the vision an the golden plates. They dug up the golden plates in a spot where they had been buried beforehand. They decoded a message, played games that Joseph Smith played when he was a child. And molasses candy or an old fashioned treat was served for refreshments.
One ward from the Provo Utah West Stake had the children come to the activity dressed as their favorite  scripture character (this would be a fun Halloween alternative). They had a costume parade and video taped it for viewing later in the activity. They also took pictures and displayed them at church.  TAUNNA, UTAH


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