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"PRESIDENT HINCKLEY SHOWS THE WAY; WE HEAR AND FOLLOW HIS WORDS TODAY" - "President Hinckley has taught us to Strengthen our Family and Every member needs a friend.
Objective:  Children will be involved in activities that help them learn 1.  To strengthen their family through family home evening; 2. How to be a friend.
DON'T DROP THE BALL!  Gathering activity:  Children divide into two teams which form two circles--one inside the other, both facing out.  Give three balls to each circle.  The object is to pass these balls around the circles, in opposite directions, and keep them going at a fast pace.  If a player drops a ball, he is out of the game. The team with the most players at the end (10-15 mins.) wins. (Cub Scout Leader How To Book) We sang the chorus to "Follow the Prophet" as we passed the balls.  "Don't Drop the Ball" talk by Pres. Hinckley, Friend, March '97.  Everything used in this activity came from a church produced source obtained from the Gospel Library Archives - see the Church's official web site,   Siblings worked together as they participated in songs, stories and activities encouraging them to Strengthen their family and Be a friend.
Family Home Evening Boxes, "Sunday Box", Friend, Nov. '83. {on one side the children glued flannel, on another side an assignment wheel (Family Home Evening Resource Manual), a third side had "Our Family Home Evening Box" with family name, the fourth side was left blank for family pictures.  Boxes were obtained from Beehive Clothing}
"Fishing for Facts", Friend, Feb. '84
"Singing Signs", Friend, Oct.'86
"Family Home Evening Door Reminder", Friend, Oct. '93
"Who's in the Club?", Friend, Nov. '82  (Jr. children played a "bingo" game made from animals in the story)
"Lollipop Tree", Friend, March, '94 (of course, lollipops were served as their treat!)
All items were placed in the FHE box for them to take home."  ROBERT, UTAH


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