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BOOK OF MORMON: FOLLOW LEHI'S FOOTSTEPS - "The children were asked to decorate a shoe box, to use as a treasure chest, for the activity. The program started in the Primary Room, which was decorated like Jerusalem. A member of the Bishopric dressed up as Lehi and greeted the children as they arrived. Lehi presented his story in the primary room. Children were divided into four groups. After the opening by Lehi, the group team leader was given a map of adventures. Classes rotated every 15 minutes. The classes were:
1. Lehi in the wilderness, learn about the Liahona. After hearing this story, the children were given compasses, for a directional activity.
2. Sail the sea to the Promised Land, Nephi's Boat. Lesson on obedience. A few children role played building the boat in costume. Then they made paper boats, paper waves.  The boat moved via a Popsicle stick. A plastic boat was given to each child who was asked to remember obedience.
3. Nephites build a temple. This story was told. Children were given a picture to color at home, scrolled up with ribbon. temple worthiness was discussed, including tithing. Children were given a fake gold coin. A world map was displayed and the children were asked to locate modern day temples.
4. Helaman's Army. Story was told. Children made shields out of paper plates covered with foil and decorated with die cut letters CTR.
5. Moroni's promise to all who read the Book of Mormon. Closing and Blessing on the Food. A book mark for scriptures attached to President Benson's Testimony was presented as the last treasure. Children devoured the golden plates by enjoying a boat of nachos and lemonade. Arrows and pictures of Lehi guided the teams around the chapel and footsteps of course. " PAM, OREGON


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