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TREE OF LIFE ACTIVITY - "First, we told the children the story using flannel board figures to talk about each aspect of the dream. Then we took the children on a simulated walk through the dream. Our Sunbeam and CTR5 children did not participate in this part. They went into a classroom and played a variety of games dealing with the scriptures. In our church we have hallways that make a square so we used that area for our walk. We had four leaders, each at one corner holding a rope taut. The children then hung onto the rope (iron rod) as the moved around the halls. We had dry ice to symbolize the mists of darkness and saran wrap to represent the river. On the other side of the hall, in the classrooms we had ward members tempting the children to let go of the rod and come and participate with them. For example, we had a couple of sisters dressed up as though they were ready to go skiing and they invited the children to go skiing even though it was Sunday. Another temptation was to go to an inappropriate movie. We had made a big poster and had flashing lights around it and had a sister inviting them to come with her to the movie (it only had a few bad parts). Another temptation dealt with music and one of our teachers dressed up like a rapper and headphones on. He also told them even though there were bad words, the beat was so good. We also had a large and spacious building with people pointing and a wallet with money hanging out unattended. There was also the opportunity to cheat on a test. At the end, we had a sweet grandmother standing with a plate of cookies and she tried to talk them into letting go to have one of her yummy cookies. We then went into the primary room (sunbeams and CTR5 joined us) and discussed their experiences and how temptations are sometimes so subtle. In the primary room, we had a plastic fichus tree that had little white packages hanging on it, symbolizing the delicious fruit. This was their snack (fruit snacks wrapped in white tissue paper and hung with white ribbon. After the discussion, we gave each child their own "iron rod" (made out of PVC pipe painted gray with "The Iron Rod" written in black magic marker. We also threaded a small cord through it and tied it so they could hang it in their rooms at home. Each child then sat down with an adult and came up with a few ideas of things that would help them hold on to the iron rod (prayer, keeping commandments, coming to church, etc.). The adult helped them look up a scripture reference and these were written on little stickers and put on their iron rods. We hope that the children saw the connection between what Lehi saw and taught to their life today."  ERIN, OREM, UTAH


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