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PLANE TRIP TO DIFFERENT TEMPLES -  - "We called 5 people who have been to different temples around the world (served missions there, lived there or just attended those temples- Hawaii, Tahiti, Philippines, Australia, Washington), to share 10 minutes with 5 groups. We made plane tickets with each child's name, destinations, and flight number and handed them out the Sunday before. At the activity we "validated" their tickets and put a colored sticker on their ticket organizing them into different groups heading to the different temples to begin. The primary had chairs set up like an airport, the hall was the plane, chairs in single file and an isle in the middle so us stewardess could hand out bags of pretzels and peanuts on our kitchen cart. They had to leave their bags, with their names on, on their chair to finish on the return flight (to reduce mess throughout the church) We had a shower curtain rod across the hallway with sheets draped over for the curtain they pass through  to board the plane. Our pilot had burned a CD with plane sounds taking off, our pianist was a fun stewardess calling the groups to leave the plane as we landed at the different destinations until the plane was empty. Our Stake presidency was there and we asked them to be the tour guides to take them from room to room as the door received a knock at the 10 minute intervals. But before we began the activity we invited them all to sit in the chairs in the "Bishop Travel Agency" and the Bishop compared preparing for a trip to preparing to go to the temple. Then they boarded the plane. When the rooms were done, they reboarded the plane and landed back home and had to go to "customs" where they did their paperwork in their temple booklets. Then they were served airline food. The other members of the Bishopric were the security guards and had walkie-talkies and ran them up and down, peeping them and the kids had to empty their pockets before they boarded the plane. They all had lots of fun. It was definitely an activity worth doing again." SHARON, ALBERTA CANADA


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