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CARNIVAL OF PROPHETS - "Divide the children into small groups and have them visit carnival booths.   Rotate booths every 10 minutes.  At each booth briefly give the story of a prophet.  The remainder of the rotation time is spent playing a carnival type game relating to that particular prophet.  Some booth ideas:
Samuel the Lamanite-Knock Nephite bottles off a wall.
Jonah & the Whale-Throw bean bags into a whale.
Adam-Bob for apple cookies tied to a string.
Captain Moroni-Have pillowcase races with a "Title of Liberty"
Spencer W. Kimball-"Lengthen Your Stride" 3-legged race
Helaman's 2000 Warriors-Using helmet, sword and shield have dressing relays.
Joseph in Egypt-Using spoons, have races carrying grain.   "Conifer" with most grain wins.
Gordon B. Hinckley- Build temples with blocks on a world map.
Nephi-Have an obstacle course the kids have to run through with the plates of brass."  STEFENEE, ST. GEORGE, UTAH


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