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PRIMARY CARNIVAL - "One Primary quarterly activity we did was a Carnival.  We combined our activity with a Ward/Branch Chicken BBQ, so the  Activities Committee was in charge of the food and we provided the Activity.  It was held at a local park - which needed the pavilion to be  reserved. We had various games - all with a teamwork theme. (*see "The Activity Book" published by the church for ideas.)  One example is called the Mine Field.  We changed it a bit to be our "families" trying to get through life and avoid the temptations (mines) to reach our eternal goal. We did several others team games, as well as a "Smile Jesus Loves You"  piñata.  We had the children make F.R.O.G. (Fully Rely On God) Leap-frog bags to use at the activity too. I purchased several items from a catalog that had "good value" messages or Jesus themes, i.e.: WWJD?, F.R.O.G.,  Jesus Loves You, etc. You can buy
these things in bulk quantities and get them inexpensively.  The children were able to spend their "Reverence Tickets" they earned in Primary up to this point on these items at the end of the carnival. The tickets were earned for things like giving talks, scriptures or prayers, testimonies, bringing a friend to church, being reverent, participating in singing time well, etc.  I divided the prizes into items that were of varying values; some = 1 ticket, some 2, some 5 and some 10 tickets - depending on the price of the item. Everyone enjoyed the activity, the BBQ and we had a terrific turnout! "DEBBY, NY


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