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MEET YOUR TEACHER BREAKFAST  - "The first week of January for our primary activity day we have a meet your teacher breakfast. Its a fun a enjoyable way  for the kids to meet their new primary teacher for the year. The teachers are responsible for providing a game or activity for their class.  The primary presidency make breakfast for everyone. We have done huge muffins (1/2 is plenty for each child) and Juice or milk. Other years we have done pancakes and bacon with milk or juice. The children and leaders love this activity. We have always had a  really good response to it and it is a easy activity to do right after the holidays. Not much planning. My friend in New York used it for her primary and was a great success their too. You can invite the bishopric and it's a great way for less active children to meet their teacher and other kids in their class before coming to church. Its much less threatening to them and then they are more comfortable coming on Sunday because they already know who their teacher is." JUDY, PUYALLUP WASHINGTON


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