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YOUR BODY IS A TEMPLE - "We recently held a Primary activity with the idea of teaching the children about their body being a Temple.  We had 6 activities, 4 teams and already had a roster worked out so that each activity took 15 minutes which left us with 30 minutes for closing and food.
Activity 1 - an obstacle course using a plastic golf club and plastic ball (mini golf type obstacle course), this was to show children that they needed to exercise.
Activity 2 - a large cardboard head with eyes and mouth cut out.  Children were given an amount of dried beans, peas and corn and had to throw them into the holes, this was to show the children about eating healthy food.
Activity 3 - the "armor of God" (from Paul) was explained and then a relay race with clothes.  One child from each team raced to put on 5 pieces of clothing then raced back and tag the next team member.  Adult also explained about wearing modest clothes and keeping our body clean.
Activity 4 - sand pit dig, 30 things were hidden in a sandpit (trailer filled with sand).   All things were either healthy or bad i.e.. plastic fruit, vegetables, fruit juice cartons, milk cartons etc and cigarette packets, beer cans, coffee, tea containers.   Two teams, one from each team ran to sandpit and dug up 2 items, took them and put them into the basket near their team and tagged next person.  Then explain about the Word of Wisdom and allot points for good and minus points for bad.
Activity 5 - fill your lamps, firstly tell story about the virgins and the lamps.  2 teams, when a child answers a question, they received a peg with an "oil drop" (i.e.. honesty, service, prayer etc) on it and had to stand over the lamp (an empty plastic bottle with a picture of a lamp) and drop it into it from chin height.
Activity 6 - Tell story about wheat from the scriptures, then have relay.  2 teams, 2 containers of wheat, 2 plastic bottles (fairly narrow neck) and 1 spoon per team.   One child from each team takes a spoonful and runs to put it into the bottle.   Tell a couple of stories about water from the scriptures and then do the same relay with spoonfuls of water.
The whole activity was run with points awarded for achievements i.e..  one peg = 2 points, plastic fruit = 5 points, cigarette packet -2 points, winner of clothing race 15 points, 2nd place 10 points.  The children enjoyed this activity and so did the adults involved.  Great activity for non member friends too." LINDA GRAY, BUNYA FOREST WARD, BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA


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