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NEW TESTAMENT PARABLES - "We had a day of learning parables by play. The kids had a blast. There were six different parable booths: 1)House on the Rock, each  child built a play dough house and tested it's foundations by placing it on sand, small rocks & lg. rock and then poured water over it. 2)The  kids went through a maze made of cardboard boxed blindfolded in search of a stuffed animal sheep. 3) The Talents, the kids made cookie dough, each ingredient represented sharing a different talent. They also played talent charades. 4)The Good Samaritan, they dressed up and acted out the parable (with blood and all)  5)Parable of the Leaven, The teacher  performed several science experiments, each with a moral to growing testimonies in the gospel. 6)Sowing a seed in good soil, they planted seeds in different mediums, and acted out the parable. The kids were divided by  color-coded name tags. At each booth attended they received a relating sticker to put on their tag to eventually earn a prize." ASHLEY,  MEDFORD, OR


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