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HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRIMARY - "We celebrated Primary's birthday at a recent activity.  We wanted the children to feel like they were at a birthday party, but we also wanted to discuss how primary has changed and how lucky we are to have to primary. First, we had someone use a timeline and talk about how primary started and how it has changed over the years.  We talked about the founding of primary, Primary Children's Hospital, "The Friend", previous class names, etc.  We also put in significant country/world events to give them a frame of reference.  Each child brought a can of  food as a "birthday present" for a local food pantry.  We made valentines for some nursing homes (the goal was 125!)  We played games-penny toss (each team had a total of 125 pennies to toss into container), guess which jar has 125 items in it, and a bean bag toss (which team can get to 125 first).  If we had extra time, we also had a balloon game (Some of the balloons had marbles or another small object in them which makes them move in unpredictable directions. See how long you can keep them up in the air!), limbo, and a game like "pictionary" (played with dry erase boards and markers).  We ended with a birthday cake and a video taken at the activity of the  125+ children in our primary.  The kids left with a small, inexpensive treat bag and a smile on their face." NANCY, AMERICAN  FORK, UT


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