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"Last year we had our "service" activity at Easter time. We made arrangement to go to a day-care for handicapped children in our area. Our Primary children stuffed plastic Easter Eggs with candy. Then they got to hide them around the yard area. This was a great twist as the children don't often get to hide the eggs. Then we paired our children up with their children and had each group find 10 eggs. (important to get a count and have extra!) I had to wear sunglasses the whole time, but it didn't disguise the tears streaming down my face as I witnessed our sweet children helping those less fortunate! It was a special experience. (We found many local stores willing to donate eggs and candy for this event.) Then we had a ward Easter Egg hunt at our church on another day. Each child that wanted to hunt brought 12 eggs filled with goodies. As the children arrived they would deposit their eggs on a blanket outside. Then they would go into a classroom and write letter to the missionaries from our ward. With the help from the youth or other ward members the eggs would all be hidden behind the church. Then the children would get to hunt for the eggs in age groups: 3 and under first, and so on. When they found 12 eggs they would stop and gather at a designated spot. We have found that having them come out in age groups and the fact that they will all get 12 eggs, worked best. (note- I always make sure to have several extra dozen in my car just in case- a family thinks it's 1 dozen total or someone forgets the eggs at home, or some are lost when hidden etc...) The eggs can be filled with candy, stickers, or little prizes. This was one of our favorite activities!!!" BECKY, CALIFORNIA


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