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SOMETHING TO WORK FOR...TOGETHER! - "To reward my class for bringing their scriptures, reverence, saying the prayers and helping, I have a baggy with each child's name on it displayed on the chalkboard tray or on the table. At the beginning of the class, I do a scripture check. If the child brought their scriptures with them, I drop a bean (could be jelly beans or dried beans) into their bag. If each student in attendance has their scriptures, I drop a bean in the bag labeled "Class". As I call on them to say the prayers, I also drop a bean in. If they help me in any special way, they also earn a bean. When they have reached 25 beans, I reward them with a special surprise. (Markers, key chains, stickers, etc.) When the class reaches 25 beans, we have a little party on an weekday afternoon. I have been pleasantly surprised at the enthusiasm of each class member! They support each other tremendously also!"  SUSAN, PRINCETON, NJ


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