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PRIMARY STAR - "I have tried this in two different areas that I have been primary president in and the kids really love it! We have a paper that we send home to the parents to fill out a week before we do this. We found that doing the 'Primary Star' at the beginning of the month works better for those who are leaving primary, so that they don't get left out. On this paper we have the parent fill out a little about the child, such as....favorite thing to do, holiday, game to play, snack, color, flavor of ice cream. What they want to be when they grow up, what makes them laugh, what animal they would most like to be and so on. Then we have a member of the bishopric come in at the beginning of sharing times and tell these things about the child. Then the kids try to guess who it is. While we sing a birthday song to them, they pick something out of the birthday box, which is wrapped up like present. We even get the teachers/leaders. The kids love it!" ALLYSON, OGDEN, UTAH


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