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BIRTHDAY CAKE - "Birthdays in our ward

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BIRTHDAY CAKE - "Birthdays in our ward are recognized by letting each birthday boy/girl take a "candle" out of the "birthday cake." The birthday cake is made of two ordinary brightly colored bath towels. (Both towels need to be the same color.) First fold the smallest side of both towels into thirds. Roll the first towel as you would a jelly roll. Each time you roll a little more of the towel up, put some hot glue in to hold it together. Continuing where the first towel left off, roll the second towel around the first, continuing to hot glue with each roll. When you're finished rolling it together you have a "cake". Decorate the cake by gluing confetti, ribbons, sequins, etc., on the outside. When finished decorating, put pencils (the candles) in the "cake" between the folds of the towel. The kids love it! We tried to do something different for birthdays this year, but everyone missed the birthday cake." CHRISTY, TENNESSEE


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