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LEARN THE LATTER-DAY APOSTLES - To help the children and teachers learn the names of the current apostles in order, make a poster with 2 columns and write the only the first letters of the last names of each apostle (6 in each column). Then think of a sentence with 12 words, each word beginning with the same first letter of each apostles last name. (The sentence I did was Pepperoni Pizza Has Many Nice Olives But We Sure Have Healthy Eating) Write each word on a strip of paper and place in the appropriate order on the poster. Once the kids memorize the sentence they will be able to associate the first letters with the apostles names. I practiced saying the apostles names in three and got a rhythm going. (i.e. Packer, Perry, Haight). Then when they could remember those three we went to the next three (Maxwell, Nelson, Oaks), etc. For the younger children, I helped them learn the names of the First Presidency by clapping our the rhythm of their names as we repeated. These are some techniques that I've used to help kids with memorization.


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