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MATCH THE APOSTLES - "This is a great activity to do a week or two AFTER General Conference. Make 2 copies each of pictures of the 12 Apostles and the First Presidency (15 men, 30 pictures) and mount them onto card stock. Arrange the pictures on a blackboard, wall etc. with the picture turned away from view and play a matching game like Concentration (it is easier to match and requires less time if the pictures are sorted into two groups so that they must choose one picture from each group to make a match). Take notes during Conf. and check with the Church News on talks that all these men gave. Read a thought, quote, or a couple sentences that were said by the corresponding Brother for the match and use those thoughts as a topic guide for a song to sing for each match. Example: Elder Perry - read the quote: "I encourage each of you to be faithful in your attendance of the Sacrament Meetings, and to partake of the Sacrament worthily". The song to sing when Elder Perry's match is made? -> "Choose the Right Way". JANICE, IDAHO


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