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LEADER MEMORIZATION - For younger children: Teach them the names of the First Presidency using a clapping rhythm. Gor-don B. Hinck-ley, Thom-as S. Mon-son, James E. Faust. For older children: Teach them the names of the 12 apostles in order using a pneumonic device. Make up a silly sentence and print it on a poster board with the first six words in one column and the last six words in a second column. This will help them remember the first letter of each last name. (The sentence I used was "Pepperoni Pizza Has Many Nice Olives But We Sure Have Healthy Eating.") Once they have that memorized, have them tell you the first letter of each word in your sentence and write it on the chalkboard with the first six letters in one column and the last six letters in the second column. (This will help them to visualize the words as they memorize them.) Next, write the last names in order next to the correct letter on the board. Packer, Perry, Haight, Maxwell, Nelson, Oaks, Ballard, Wirthlin, Scott, Hales, Holland, Eyring. Say these names in rhythm (each set of three, sounds out: 2 syllables, 2 syllables, 1 syllable, except for the last set of 3). Keep repeating the names in rhythm and erase 2 or 3 as you go. (Don't erase the first letter!) In no time they'll have it memorized - what an accomplishment! Encourage them to go home and share these activities with their families.


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