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GOT A MINUTE? FILLERS - "These are a few filler ideas I have on hand for those unexpected spaces of empty time. On index cards make flashcards with the books of the Old  Testament, New Testament, and Book of Mormon listed on them. Hold up the cards one at a time and have the children guess witch set of scriptures it belongs to.  Another one to do is using a file folder, write the words " Who Am I?" or "What Am I?" on the front. Glue a gospel-related picture inside. Write clues about the picture on the back of the folder. Hold up the closest file so the children can see only the front of the file. Read the clues on the back, letting them try to guess who or what it is. When they guess, open the file folder, revealing the picture. Use a bean bag or small ball to toss to the children. When a child catches it, they must name a prophet ( ancient or modern ). This also can be done using temples. Scramble the letters of various gospel terms and write them on cards. Hold up the cards one at a time and let the children unscramble the letters, revealing the gospel term. The last one can be used for a lesson on short notice or even family home evening - Gather three large envelopes (9" x 12") colored envelopes. Place in each envelope a picture of a prophet, temple, event in the scriptures or church history, etc. Also include a short story or description of the picture. Have someone choose one of the envelopes. Take out the contents, show the pictures, and tell the story! " AMY, TOOELE, UTAH


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