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MONTHLY NEWSLETTERS - Each month I prepare a newsletter for the parents of my CTR class.  I don't have a fancy name, just at the top I put CTR-5 and the month and year.  Going down the right side I have written vertically "Choose the Right".  This wording is the same each month, I just change the colors.  The I write a "Dear Parents" section where I can address anything going on with the class.  I also use this section to write suggestions for things to do at home to reinforce the lessons.  I get the suggestions right from the manual since I never have time to get completely through a lesson.  Most of the suggestions are practice a song or tell about a time when you...." I list these by date and sign it. In a box below this section I list the lesson schedule and purpose by date, again found in the manual.  I have a Happy Birthday section the months that we have a birthday.  I include a clipart or graphic to go with anything in the newsletter, sometimes it's a lesson picture or it may be a birthday picture.  If my class has the prayer or talk in sharing time, I put that in the newsletter. At the bottom of the newsletter I put the monthly primary theme and scripture.  Any of these sections can be moved around and the colors changed each month.


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