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NEWSLETTER FOR THE VALIANT GIRLS 8-11 -  "I'm teaching the 8-11 years girls for about 1 year now. (Montreal/Quebec Ward, Hochelaga, French) I wanted my girls to know what we were going to study every month, so I created a newsletter. Every month I print the newsletter for my girls, which newsletter includes the following things
The title of the newsletter: the theme for the year (this year I know the scriptures are true).
Date of the newsletter: August (year),....
Theme of the month.
Date of the month with the name of the lesson (ex. Ruth and Naomi) we will study. The objective of that lesson.
The scriptures we have to read for that same lesson.
The date of the anniversary of the girls for that month.
And some times a little message to help the girls to bring their scriptures with them.
Anything that will help the girls (ex. not to miss the coming of the prophet August 6, in Montreal, etc...).
I'll be glad if this idea could help any teachers... it definitely worked for me and my girls. :-))" CAROLE, MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA


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