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PRIMARY NEWSLETTER - "We publish a newsletter every month

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PRIMARY NEWSLETTER - "We publish a newsletter every month. We originally started it for the less-active children in our ward. The teachers would either mail it to them or drop it by. Then we decided to include the active children. We make enough copies to hand them out in Relief Society (for the moms) and in Primary (for the children). Our format is as follows:
First Presidency Message: We include several paragraphs from the current month's FPM in the Friend.
Upcoming Primary Quarterly Activities listings complete with event, day, time, etc.
Birthday list for the month (including teachers and Bishopric)
Activity: This month we found a handcart activity in an old Friend and copied it and put the picture with the directions on the front of the newsletter. We try to have at least one project for each newsletter. This year we are trying to focus on pioneer activities.
Activitiy Days - listed by each class and teacher we outline the activities for the month, days, times, where etc. along with the teacher's name and telephone number.
Scouts: Same as above for the boys.
Music: Our music leader lists the songs we are learning and encourages children to sing the songs at FHE etc. She also notes any class that has learned a song particularly well.
Three month calendar: listing of all Primary activities for the next three months along with the themes.
Here and there: We put in jokes, cartoons, etc. to fill in the left over space.
OPTIONAL: We ask a Junior Primary and one Senior Primary child to report on an activity they have participated in the previous month: Scouts, Achievement Days, Primary Activity, Singing in Sacrament etc.
I have a lot of LDS clip art, so we include a lot of graphics in the newsletter. It is usually three column and we use b&w art so the children can color pictures, do puzzles, or whatever we put in the newsletter.
Also, we are the Federal Way Seventh Ward, so we entitled our newsletter, Seventh Heaven Primary News. KATHY, FEDERAL WAY, WASHINGTON


avatar America Jane
When I was secretary we did a newsletter too, very similar to this one. I think it was helpful for the parents to see what was coming up. We also included a Congratulations to our recently baptized children.
avatar Jambo4
We used to do newsletters, but the new Primary President did away with them. She figured it was too much work and since we had a ward email, that was good enough. It's too bad. I think it makes a more cohesive primary.
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