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SERVICE TO MISSIONARIES - "Before the activity day, we found some pictures in our primary closet of our current missionaries when they were Valiant age. We then obtained young pictures of the missionaries who weren't in the Primary Class pictures. (A sister, and a missionary couple) We made a cute scrapbook page using the pictures we had found with all of the missionaries on the page, with the caption, "I can be a missionary NOW". We then had a color copy made for each missionary and placed them in a plastic scrapbook sleeve. At the activity, we had on display, a recent picture of each missionary along with the color copies we had made. First we talked about the things that the children can do to be missionaries NOW. We had a globe and pointed out where each missionary was ( 9 of them) and talked about how they don't have to be far away from home to be missionaries. Then we gave them each a missionary name tag to wear. (paper "copy" slid into those plastic sleeves with lapel pins on the back) Then they went to the tables where the pictures were on display and wrote letters to as many of the missionaries as they could. We encouraged them to write down what they could do to be a missionary now. The children were then led to another room where they made turkey cookies featured in the November 1997 Friend. The missionaries responded with delight at the letters and the scrapbook page." JANIENE, IDAHO


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