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BREAKFAST WITH DADDY ACTIVITY DAY - "This is a great activity and super easy! We have done it for the last two years and get raves from the dads. We chose a Saturday in May. We start early so we don't take away from a families entire Saturday. We serve waffles, butter, syrup, strawberries, whipped topping (aerosol can - fun and "special" for the kids), sausage links, orange juice, and milk. We get the teachers involved. If you have Priesthood brethren in your Primary they love to cook the waffles and sausage. We made aprons and chef hats for them to wear. We have organized games. Last year we did carnival type games, complete with pictures with dad. This year we blindfolded a child and they shaved their dad! It was a riot! (We used disposable razors with the safety cap left on.) We had a box of hats and we used them to "dress-up" before pictures were taken of dad and his children. We made sure children had a "dad", whether it was a home teacher, grandpa, or friend of the family. It is a simple, easy activity." JULIE, WASHINGTON


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