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TEACHER APPRECIATION DAY - "For our 2nd quarter Primary Activity Day we wanted our primary children to show their appreciation to the hard work that the teachers give to prepare lessons and teach them every week. We bought white canvas tote bags, one for each teacher, presidency member and the chorister. We invited all the children to the activity, we told the teachers that they weren't allowed to come! We started in the primary room where we sang "Teach Me To Walk", then we read a scripture about Teachers. We talked briefly to the children about the importance of teachers. We asked them to give ideas of what types of characteristics they think a teacher should have. They came up with some great ideas! We then asked them to tell us some things that they love about their teacher.   We then took the Senior Primary children into the kitchen where we had them stencil "Teachers are a Gift from God" on all the bags. Meanwhile, Junior Primary was still in the primary room coloring pictures of their teacher and things they like about them. When all the bags where stenciled, we had the children come to the kitchen class by class where they put a hand-print of their hand in paint on the bags. We put each class name (i.e. Sunbeams, CTR 5, etc) on the bags and let them put hand prints all over the bags. The kids LOVED this!  Afterwards, when all the kids were cleaned up. WE went back to the primary room where we watched a video from the book of Mormon and had a snack and treat. It lasted about and hour and a half.  The next day at church during Primary, we had all the children sing "Teach Me to Walk" to the teachers, then we had all children of each individual class come up and present their teacher with the tote bag that they had painted. The teachers loved it! They still use the bags. In their individual classes, the children gave the teachers their drawing they had made for them!   I would say that this has been a very successful activity! The teachers, when they get released, don't want to give up their bag to the next teacher! They do of course, and now even the Nursery Leaders want us to make them a bag too! We loved this activity because it showed the teachers that their children do love them and appreciate all the hard work that they do!!! The children had a great time doing this activity too! We get compliments on the bags all the time!!!!" LARA, NC


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