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MOTHER'S DAY - "The children came with their fathers

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MOTHER'S DAY - "The children came with their fathers to give the morning off the day before Mother's Day.  We made memory stones/garden stones by mixing cement and pouring it into cheap plastic plant saucers for each child and with help from their dad, they decorated it with colored sand, colored marbles (flat-type for floral arranging), "jewels", mosaic tiles or just handprint and name.  The next station was to color a pre-stamped card (choice of 3-4 stamped images and choice of color card), write a message and put a ribbon on it.  The next station was "Mom-corn" (opposed to pop-corn) which was caramel corn (a little nutty and a little sweet - just like mom) where they put it into clear cellophane baggies and turned under, punched with hole punch and tied with pretty ribbon - don't forget the tag that tells what it is.  For the last station, we went into the chapel to practice the mother's day song for sacrament meeting the next day." JENNIFER, GARDNERVILLE, NV


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