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FETAL ALCOHOL -  "I have adopted a little girl, age six, with fetal alcohol. She has a difficult time sitting still in singing/ sharing time after sitting through a whole hour of sacrament meeting. Expecting these children to sit still for three hours is asking too much. My daughter's primary leaders don't seem to know how to handle her. Small wonder, I am still struggling myself. She doesn't look any different from the other children and her cognitive skills are advanced for her age. We wouldn't dream of asking a blind child to read the black board or a crippled child to get up and walk. I just attended a conference on fetal alcohol given by Diane Malbin. She is an expert in this field and is raising two adopted daughters that have fetal alcohol. Her goal is to educate the community about F.A.S. (   There are probably more families that are dealing with these same issues. Here are some quotes from her handout: "Information linking brain function with behaviors increases understanding, reduces frustration, and contributes to successful outcomes. Knowledge about F.A.S./ARND provides a way to shift perceptions. Children may be understood as having a problem, rather than being a problem. As a result, rethinking and reframing interpretations of behaviors contributes to developing effective and appropriate strategies, "trying differently rather than harder." Successful strategies support children, and contribute to the well-being of parents and professionals. I hope you will help the primary become informed on this subject. Thanks you for being there." KATHY, TROUTDALE, OREGON


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