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ACCEPTANCE - "Accepting those with special needs is imperative to their activity in the church. Many children suffer from "invisible" disabilities (the child looks normal but suffers from past head injury, ADD/ADHD, learning
disabilities, mental illness, etc.) The parents of these children face struggles 24 hours a day that those outside of the family are unaware of.  They need your love and acceptance also. Remember that these parents are no different than those of children without disability. Don't look down on these families! If you don't have anyone with "special needs" in your family now...remember that you could be in those shoes in a heartbeat. Accidents happen, and everyone deserves to be loved and accepted. IF YOU THINK THIS DOESN'T APPLY TO YOU, THIS IS ESPECIALLY FOR YOU! The average ward consists of approximately 432 members. Approximately 50 people in the average ward have disabilities of various kinds, 45 of those are "invisible", and 11% of the general population suffer from a serious disability. Many with disabilities are driven from the church due to lack of acceptance, understanding, or an inability to have their needs met. Some find it difficult asking for assistance, and don't want to be a burden. Please love and accept and reach out to these children of our Heavenly Father, and their parents.
"6 Myths About the Handicapped" by Carmen B.Pingree,Ensign June 1988
"The Moving of the Water" by Boyd K. Packer, Ensign May 1991
"Lead Me, Guide Me" by Jan U. Pinborough, Ensign March 1994
"The Hidden Handicap" By Laurie Wilson Thornton, Ensign April 1990
"Helping and Being Helped by the Intellectually Impaired" by Elizabeth VanDenBerghe, Ensign October 1993
"Teaching Children with Disabilites" available from the Primary Resource Room (revised 9/97)1064
(Official Publication of the Church)
Sharing Time Presentation "Awareness of People with Disabilites" available from the Primary Resource Room from the church's headquarters (revised 3/92) 1126" A PARENT, UTAH


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