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DEALING WITH ADD/ADHD -  "A dear sister in our ward who has a business that helps families with ADHD, and has lots of experience with ADD/ADHD put together some info to help teachers/leaders etc. deal with children with this more effectively. I will summarize the points:
1. The main purpose of Primary is to teach children to love the gospel. If this little person learns nothing more in your class than the fact that you love him, then you have succeeded as his teacher. You can't teach him the gospel if they do not want to be there.
2. Children with ADHD are not trying to wreck your class. They have a chemical imbalance that makes it more difficult to control his impulses and receive info. The only consistent thing about ADHD is it's inconsistency.
3. You may need another adult to help. Children with ADHD do better with one on one attention. If possible, don't ask the parents, they deal with the child the other 6 days of the week and they need their spiritual batteries recharged.
4. Children with ADHD do better if the activity is novel. It is helpful to have short activities and alternate between quiet and class participation.
5. They have a hard time calming down it is a good idea not to have activities that are too rambunctious or silly.
6. Pay more attention to the positive and less to the negative. Giving positive directions instead of commenting on the negative works best.
7. Children with ADHD need immediate feed back. Use immediate praise and privileges for 'good' behavior. Compliment the child in specific, simple terms.
8. Find ways to let the ADHD child help in class. Get him involved with the lesson by letting him take part in it. Be sure to ask the parent first if the child would like to help with a particular activity. Many children with ADHD also have learning disabilities and some activities, like reading, might be difficult without prior preparation.
9. If a child with ADHD has an assignment in Primary to give a talk or read a scripture, it is a good idea to call the parents later as a reminder. Chances are the note may not have made it home.
10. Ask the parents what works for them. They know the child best.
11. Ask the Lord to help you teach this special child the gospel. He knows this child and loves him. He truly wants him to return home to Him again. He will show you how you can help. "  ALYSON, LAWRENCE, KANSAS


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