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CHILD INVOLVEMENT, REVERENCE SIGNAL - "Having ADHD myself, I thought it might be a good for me to give some input....ADD and ADHD children tend to be just as intelligent as they are active. Allowing the child to have a turn to speak or help the teacher with a task may help with classroom behavior. Perhaps incorporating "wiggle songs" or activities throughout the lesson would be helpful. ADD and ADHD children also tend to be NOISY! I once had a teacher who took me aside, and VERY NICELY explained that I was being louder than I thought I was. We came up with a secret signal for her to give me when I was talking a little too loudly (or being a little too noisy period). It made me feel like my teacher and I had a special friendship. Not even my Mom or Dad knew what the sign was, and I knew that no one in the class knew what the sign meant, so it was not embarrassing. Most of all, knowing that I was loved unconditionally by my teacher gave me the desire to work at classroom rules and the difficulties I had with my behavior." CHERYL, RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA


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