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AUTISM - "To Primary teachers working with children with autism: I have three boys with autism. For the more affected children, ask the parent what the child's "preservative" item is. If it is something like numbers or letters, I will always find something to count out in the lesson: "The boy had to carry this heavy sack (representing sin) 10 times around the table. Let's count while (child) walks around the table, 1, 2, 3 etc." If the child can read (those who like letters usually learn to read early), write things out. Also, my son's favorite time is music. Often these children can learn through music what they don't learn through words. Our music leader uses the written word cards to learn the song with the children and my son has learned a song in a month and sings it around the house (even though he has a small vocabulary)! You can utilize this idea in the classroom, also."


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