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OVERACTIVE KIDS - "As a teacher of a Star age class several years ago I was challenged by a couple of overactive children. They were adorable but just couldn't sit still. I felt I had a duty to teach them the principles in the lessons but needed to change my teaching methods to reach these children.  I tried to make sure that every lesson included some sort of "action" in it so the children could get up out of their chairs. I generally had a picture for them to color and take home.  When I wanted to ask them questions I would do the following:
Write questions out on slips of paper and put in a basket or container. Choose a child to be the leader. This child would lead the group as we marched around the room. Sometimes we would repeat something that had to do with the lesson as we marched. ("Choose the right, choose the right, choose the right!" or "Follow the prophet, follow the prophet, follow the prophet!")  After marching around the room once, the lead child would draw a question from the basket. I read the question and we then discussed it or answered it. The lead child went to the end of our line and a new child became the leader. We repeated this process until all the children had had a chance to lead. It was great fun and allowed them to get their wiggles out while still teaching them." LYNNE, NEWARK, CA


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