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VISUAL AIDS - Just a suggestion on visual aids:

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VISUAL AIDS -  Just a suggestion on visual aids: If you are going to put the time and effort into making nice visual aids, invest a little more into laminating your work. You can get a roll of laminating paper (light weight) at a teachers' supply store or a paper supply store. I spent between $15-20 3-4 years ago and I am still using the same roll!! Cut the needed laminating paper, (cut a top and bottom to surround the visual aid) heat up your iron to high, use brown paper bags under the picture/object and on top (to protect your ironing board and iron) and press away. Hold down for several seconds then move to the next spot until it sticks like it should. (Test & time according to the how hot your iron gets). Pull the brown paper off, set aside, let the laminated project cool, trim with a bit of an edge left, and store flat. Your visual aid will last time after time and will save time and money, not to mention hard work!! You can tape page numbers to the back, tape the pictures to the bulletin board or whatever without fear of destroying your art! OR use the wide transparent tape over the visual aid to protect it (and on the back if desired). This is a little easier but costs a bit more. Also, I have found that magnets can be used on many chalkboards. A great way to hang up pictures/words." MARLA T., COLORADO


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