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VISUAL AIDS IDEA - "I copy things on cardstock for more durability. If it is something I will use repeatedly I then mount the cardstock on poster board using rubber cement. If I know that I am going to use it often I laminate it. I laminate almost everything because even if I don't use it again for Primary I will use it for Family Home Evening. If you can't find an inexpensive place to laminate just use clear contact paper. For 81/2 X 11 size sheets try using sheet protectors. There is some expense and time involved initially but down the road you will be glad you took the time to do it right.   For smaller pictures like the packets (animals, food, etc.) from the Church distribution  Center, I cut them out, laminate them, then I use sticky back Velcro on them. Use the soft fuzzy side to stick to the pictures. Now you can use these pictures for a flannel board story or I have some craft sticks with the other piece of Velcro on them, for variety you can have kids hold the pictures on the sticks. I also have a big piece of sheet metal covered in a solid color contact paper so I also put a small piece of strip magnet on the back of my pictures. When the picture is laminated you can use tape (I prefer double stick tape) or gummy tack to put it up anywhere. Gummy tack works great for game pieces because it can be moved and restuck so easily. Now to store my laminated posters and big sheets, I simply made a storage folder by taping two boxes  together using box tape to create a huge file folder. It holds a lot of posters and stores out of site behind my dresser. ROZAN MITCHELL, UTAH


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