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ORGANIZING BINDER - "One of my favorite things about receiving a new calling is reorganizing the "stuff" that frequently gets passed on from the person who previously held the calling. I don't really feel like the calling is "mine" until I have actually gone through everything and reorganized it so that I know where everything is. I am usually handed a binder full of great "stuff", but no order. This is the way that I like to ORGANIZE MY PRIMARY BINDER:
1. First, I weed out all of the unnecessary or outdated papers.
2. Make a list of all in my class (if called as a teacher) and a list of the whole Primary board. I include name, phone number, birthday and address.
3. Make (or purchase) index pages (as Secretary I have: Class Rolls, Birthdays, Closing Exercises, Budget, etc.). File all papers.
4. Add a zippered school pouch to hold pencils, pens, post-its, etc.. I have even made my own by using a large "ziploc" by folding it to the right size, reinforcing the sides and bottom with heavy, clear packing tape and then punching three holes in it. Works great.
5. I also like to make clear "pockets" to put birthday cards, talk assignments, etc. in. To do this, take a clear page protector, cut down both side seams at the top of the page-about 3 inches. Fold the top down into the pocket and secure it with clear tape. I don't know what I would do without these!
6. I then make a list of the responsibilities that go with the calling including times that class should end, room numbers, etc. I put this list in a page protector at the front of my binder (behind the pencil pouch) where I can refer to it often. This really comes in handy when I need a substitute.
7. If the binder has a clear plastic sheet on the outside cover, I like to personalize it by adding a special picture, poem, etc.
This whole process may take an hour or two, but the rewards of having a place for everything and everything in its place make that time well spent. Not only does it make my callings easier, but when I am released from the calling and pass the binder on, I know that it will be greatly appreciated by the new recipient. Have fun and Happy Organizing!! SHARILEE, , CALIFORNIA


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