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TEACHER UNITY - "The key to helping teachers understand they are not 'stuck' in primary is to prayerfully consider each class and the individual who is to teach them. Once you are sure of the Lord's desire to have them serve in a given capacity have your priesthood adviser give the prospective teacher the opportunity to prayerfully consider the same. When Heavenly Father blesses the teacher with the assurance that primary is where they are to serve the battle is half over. Other things you can do to help your teacher feel a part is to be always alert for the way he or she blesses the lives of the children, write notes praising the teacher, make phone calls for the same purpose, praise the teacher's efforts to the parents of the class members, bear your testimony often of the support you feel when your teachers magnify their callings, have a 'stewardship sandwich' leadership meeting where everyone is to bring something and if it doesn't come they are missed....summed up I suppose it would be to let your teachers know you care about them individually and appreciate their efforts on behalf of the children in your stewardship." BETH, AMERICAN FORK, UTAH


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