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PHOTOS - "I taped pictures of all the children on a large THICK board. I put a picture of Jesus with a boy on his lap in the middle of the board, then all the children's pictures around it. I also hot-glued a thick ribbon around the edge to give it a border. For a while, we put the picture board at the front of the primary room so the kids knew about it. Then we put it in the hallway on a low easel so parents and friends could look at it. Then, when our wards split and the picture board was no longer applicable, the bishop lovingly posted = it in his office & won't give it back! (He's a great bishop.) The main thing this did for our primary was make children feel like they BELONG to part of a UNIT called primary. Even if you have kids who come once a month or even less often, they can walk in primary, see a picture of themselves & realize that they've been here before. CATHY, RENTON, WASHINGTON


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