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My heart is telling me

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"I was trying to clean up the house and encouraged my 5 year old James to help. He responded by saying he hated to clean.   Rather frustrated I told him I hated to clean too, but that we all needed to help since we all made the mess.  He kinda threw a little fit so I told him to go to his room until he could be happy and come out and help me.  He stormed away, but returned two minutes later.  He said he'd help me clean and then asked me, "Do you know why?"  I said, "Why?"  He then said, "Well, my heart is telling me that I should help even though my brain is telling me I hate cleaning."   I told him that that was what choosing the right felt like and that I have the same feelings.  My heart wins every day!!  It was neat to see him recognize those feelings at such a young age!" -- ANNIE, CALIFORNIA


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