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It is a laugh-filled gallery of quotes and anecdotes submitted by readers of The Primary Page.

I asked her to hold the $20 bill

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"I was at the grocery store with my 3 year old daughter yesterday, and
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Who are you?

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"My little 3 year old girl came in with a blanket wrapped around her head. I thought she was Mary- Jesus' mother. I was corrected promptly when she said, " Mom it's easy to tell who I am- I am Jesus Smith!" -- LISA, SALEM, UTAH

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She needed the number

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"My 4 year old and I were leaving to go somewhere when I decided to return a friend's phone call first.  She needed the number to the Salt  Lake Distribution Center. I was holding the catalog with a picture of Christ on front when I told my son I needed to make a call first.  He said in a very serious voice, "Mom are you going to call Jesus?  Can I talk to Him, too?"" -- RHONDA BOYD, NORTH CAROLINA

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