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It is a laugh-filled gallery of quotes and anecdotes submitted by readers of The Primary Page.

No hablas Espanol

"My boss told me of a story where she explained to a grandchild about her being part mexican.  The little girl asked  "if I am mexican then how come I don't speak spinach"?" -- TONJA, MARYSVILLE OHIO

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What's going on in here

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"I teach the four and five-year-olds in primary. We have so many of them that we
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My 5 year old couldn’t remember

I was asking my children who their new Primary teachers were the first week of January a few years ago.  My 5 year old couldn’t remember what his new teacher’s last name was, but said that even though he wasn’t suppose to call her by her first name, he knew what it was.  I asked him what it was, thinking that I could then give him her last name.   His exuberant reply was, “Sister!”  - Benjamin Judd, now 8, understands the title, “Sister!”

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