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It is a laugh-filled gallery of quotes and anecdotes submitted by readers of The Primary Page.

When I was little

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"I had to speak in sacrament meeting one week, and I tend to get emotional often as I feel the Spirit.  After church was over, my eleven year old daughter said, "When I was little I used to think people cried up there [at the pulpit] because the bishopric was pinching them."  -- CAROL, UTAH

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Enjoyed a talk

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"Following this year's temple theme, our primary enjoyed a talk from one of our CTR 7 kids on "internal" marriage." -- SISTER REESE, SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH

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Late to church every week

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"For a long time our family were pretty consistent to be late to church every week, so as we have sacrament meeting first, we would end up sitting in the very back on chairs that had been set up for the overflow.  One week we got ourselves together on time and were able to sit on the second row from the front.  There is a ramp going up to the front as there are some children in wheelchairs in our ward.  I had to laugh when Alex, my six-year-old son, noticed it and asked, "Mom, since the prophet builded this church, didn't that [the ramp] come from the boat that Nephi builded?"  -- CAROL, FARMINGTON, UTAH

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