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It is a laugh-filled gallery of quotes and anecdotes submitted by readers of The Primary Page.

My 5 year old couldn’t remember

I was asking my children who their new Primary teachers were the first week of January a few years ago.  My 5 year old couldn’t remember what his new teacher’s last name was, but said that even though he wasn’t suppose to call her by her first name, he knew what it was.  I asked him what it was, thinking that I could then give him her last name.   His exuberant reply was, “Sister!”  - Benjamin Judd, now 8, understands the title, “Sister!”

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When I was little

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"I had to speak in sacrament meeting one week, and I tend to get emotional often as I feel the Spirit.  After church was over, my eleven year old daughter said, "When I was little I used to think people cried up there [at the pulpit] because the bishopric was pinching them."  -- CAROL, UTAH

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Noah's Supplies

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"We were having a lesson on Noah and the ark and as we were
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