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It is a laugh-filled gallery of quotes and anecdotes submitted by readers of The Primary Page.

I gave him the phone

"We were visiting my sister-in-laws house one day and my sons right tooth fell out at her place.   When we were leaving her place, we said our good-byes and we left to return home.   When we got home, I called her to see if she made it okay to her friends house, my son kept on insisting that he wanted to talk to her.  I gave him the phone and told he to be quick because auntie has to go to bed.  When I gave him the phone he says to his aunt "Auntie, if you find any money laying around in your house, it's mine okay".  I could hear her laughing and I couldn't help but laugh either." -- ELEANOR SIO, ORANGE, CA

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"Norman The Nephite"

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"Anyone who is familiar with the "Norman The Nephite" series of books will appreciate this...You look on the pages for the Norman figure and he is amongst alot of detail with stories from the Book of Mormon. Well, my 4-year old for quite sometime, when we wanted to read from the Book of Mormon Reader at bedtime, would call it the "Book of Norman!"" -- SUZANNE MCFARLAND, GREENEVILLE, TN

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Coin Jar Prayer

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"We recently emptied one of those really huge pickle jars and
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