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It is a laugh-filled gallery of quotes and anecdotes submitted by readers of The Primary Page.

Repair yourself

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"My 5 year old son loves to sing and especially loves the new primary songs that he learns in church.

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The "First Vision" painting

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"When my 3 year old niece, Amanda, saw the "First Vision" painting in the Vistor's Center at Temple Square she announced "That's when Heavenly Father told Joseph Smith He wanted him for a Sunbeam!"" -- LARENE ALDER, LEWISTON, ID

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During lesson 32, "Love One Another,

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"I teach CTR 5 and 6 years olds. During lesson 32, "Love One Another," I had one child hold the picture from the lesson that shows the one grateful man bowing down before the Savior to give his thanks and love for healing him of his leprosy. The children had seen the picture previously and knew the story. I asked, "Does anyone know what story this picture is about?" Tiny Megan with the platinum blonde hair and china blue eyes chimed in and said "The Ten Leprechauns!" She was serious in her answer and was not intending to be funny or silly, as she has a hilarious sense of humor for a six-year old.  I didn't want to laugh too much, such that to make her believe that I was making fun of her response, so I kept my cool, and answered gently that the correct word was "leper," and then explained what the word leprosy means. 
I am blessed to start out my week spending time with my friends' children. What sweet, kind spirits! They bring me happiness to my life. Thank you for this opportunity!" - CHRIS Q.MECHAM, GLEWNOOD SPRINGS WARD, GLENWOOD SPRINGS, COLORADO

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