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It is a laugh-filled gallery of quotes and anecdotes submitted by readers of The Primary Page.

Sharing Time for Mother's Day

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During Sharing Time for Mother's Day we quizzed the children about their mums. One child, when asked what his mum's favorite hymn was, answered, "The closing hymn." -- Margaret, Western Australia

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Saul's conversion

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"We had a boy in our Primary who was assigned to give a talk.  He chose the story of Saul's conversion.  He began by trying to give the other kids an idea of who Saul was.  He said, "Saul is the name that Paul used to have, before he was converted."  He looked around the room, and everyone else looked a little confused, so he said, "You know, Paul!  Like Peter, Paul and Mary!"  The kids all kind of nodded, while the adults did all they could not to completely crack up!" -- BETH SOELBERG, N. MUSKEGON WARD

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The Ox Cart

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"This July we decided the children in primary needed to learn a
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