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LIGHTS OUT - "I got this attention getter from a Kindergarten teacher. When it gets too noisy, turn off the light. (If you have no windows and it would be too dark, don't.) The kids immediately look at the light switch, where the teacher is standing reverently. "My friends," she would say, "We don't behave like this! Let's settle down." You could add, "We cannot feel the spirit with a lot of noise around us. Let's cooperate (work together) and have a great lesson!" I also use the chalkboard and write the names of the class members on first thing. "I write your names down for good, not bad," I tell them, and we start the lesson. Without fanfare, the first time a child exhibits exemplary behavior or answers a question nicely, I chalk a star (heart, airplane, ladybug, flower, car, bird, apple, smiley face, etc, different every time) next to their name. I can never tell who the "bad" kid is when I substitute and use this method!"  Heidi