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REVERENCE  - "Until these ideas came to me from a wonderful woman in my ward, the idea of five 4-year-olds scared me. I had never been a Primary Teacher and that was enough to intimidate me. These clever attention getters work wonders and encourage reverence. These ideas have really helped me as well as my kids."

  • TAKE NOTICE - First, always notice the reverent kids. The way I do that is say, "Someone in this room wearing (then name something that the reverent child is wearing that is different from the others. i.e. blue tie, pink dress), and is being so reverent.   That child will then sit up in his/her chair even taller. The others will follow as they will want to be the one noticed.
  • REWARD - Reward the reverent children. They always want to be the lucky one to say the prayer, so I give them a goal and remind them of it when their attention starts to stray, that if whomever is reverent for the whole class time will get to say the closing prayer.
  • STICKERS - I let them choose a sticker.
  • REWARD VISIT - I write their names on the board and when I notice they are reverent, or they answer a question, I put a check by the name and then reward them by bringing a treat and a thank-you note to their home during the week."  AMY LINDSTROM, PLEASANT GROVE, UTAH