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BLESSING CARDS - "I had the 11 yr. olds for my first teaching assignment (I am a long-term substitute for any primary teacher that needs me to teach while they take the new teachers' class for 12 wks) and I was scared to death that I would not be able to get through to them. I came up with the idea for blessing cards to get their attention. There are several ways each week to earn them, and they are redeemable for 1 reward each. The categories include, but are not limited to: participation in sharing time, participation during singing time, volunteering, bringing scriptures, being courteous when another classmate is talking, taking items back to the library for the teacher, being a good Samaritan through out the week (another classmate must report this, and you cannot tell them to report in your behalf.), and any other thing that will be beneficial to your class. I copied some primary clip art from a book that was able to be copied, and cut out appropriate pictures that would coincide with the good deed that had been performed. I only allow 3 blessing cards to be redeemed per week. This can and has been adapted for other ages." CARYN STEELE, ENTERPRISE, UTAH