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BAPTISM THEME ACTIVITY DAY - "We just had a wonderful activity day made up of a few ideas we found at this site. We began with a tour of the baptismal font. We talked to the kids about: What Happens When I am Baptized? We discussed the fact that we are baptized by immersion and what that means. We showed the kids a sample of a white jumpsuit that they might wear at their baptism. Our ward missionaries came and one of them dressed in his white clothes to show them what he would wear to baptize someone. He then took a volunteer child down into the dry font and demonstrated a baptism. We did this several times so all children had a good view. The children then returned to their seats. We took them in groups of 4-5 on a tour of the changing rooms and font. We explained how they go into the changing rooms to change into their white clothes and then go back in when they are all wet to change back into their street clothes. They then got to walk down into the font to see what it is like down there. While one group was on tour, the rest of the children got to sing their favorite primary songs. After all children had completed the tour, we had a question and answer period. The 2nd part of the activity we made scripture jars. We used baby food jars. We had previously spray painted the lids a dark blue color and put clear labels on the jars that read "My Scripture Jar". The children were each given a jar and a snack-size Ziploc bag with miscellaneous stickers in it. (We had lots of excess stickers so this was a great way to use them up.) We had previously copied all the 12 scriptures for the year onto a blue piece of paper for each child. They cut them apart and put them into their jars.  The 3rd part of our activity was games. We played "Put the child in the font" which was played just like pin the tail on the donkey. We played the "CTR Egg Race". Plastic Easter eggs were given to the children and they were to fan them across the room using a piece of cardboard. When they crossed the finish line they opened their egg  and answered the question inside that dealt with choosing the right. (something we need to do to prepare to be  baptized.) We also played the "Missionary Suitcase race" The kids were to open the suitcase, put on a white shirt, tie, and backpack, run to the other end of the room and around a chair 3 times and then back to the start. They took off the clothes, put them in the suitcase, and gave the person behind them a "high 5". For refreshments we had packaged juice drinks, chips, pigs in a blanket (hot dogs cooked with a biscuit around them) and cupcake cones (ice cream cones with cake batter cooked in them, then frosted.)"  LYNNE CHRISTENSEN, NEWARK, CA