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The first one helps the children learn the face and name of the quorum of twelve apostles and the First Presidency, along with their messages through song. You start by learning the messages of the most recent conference. (For example: in Oct 1999, Neal A. Maxwell spoke about learning from the “Lessons of Laman and Lemuel.”) You then choose a song that corresponds with the message (Nephi’s Courage). Put both the message and chosen song on a small cut out piece of cardstock paper. If you would like you can also go to an old Ensign and cut out the small black and white pictures of our church leaders to put on the cardstock with their message and song. These small cardstock papers are then put in a small bag in which the children can choose from. Make sure before presenting this in song time that you go to your library and get the large pictures of each member in the quorum of Twelve Apostles and of the First Presidency. After the children choose the song they then can hold the large picture while everyone sings. This worked out so well in our ward and helped familiarize the children with our church leaders in time for Conference.
The second idea is messages that our Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley has taught. (Or in other words, “Ways we can follow our Prophet.”) I made a large poster for the front with the pictures of each of the ways we can follow our Prophet, with little footsteps walking around the pictures to a picture of our Prophet. I then put large shoe footprints (made out of cardstock), leading to a large picture of President Gordon B. Hinckley at the front of the room. Under each large footprint on the floor was written the message of our prophet with a corresponding song. I then had fun with each song and even used my “singing dice” (an idea I got off the These ideas are fun for both Junior and Senior primary, and they also learn in song." ARDIS, ARIZONA